Saturday, September 17, 2011


While on my night walk, I came across a weird and interesting conversation going on. Even though I knew its bad manners, I eventually couldn't resist overhearing it. On a straight lane, there were numerous four wheelers parked on both the sides. A group of 'middle class cars' was discussing about food inflation (Petrol price hike) .They were cursing petroleum minister for deregulation of petroleum sector. It was 'Pet Pe Laat' on common cars.

Mr. Alto mourned, "My owner always gives snacks to me and drives me till I am nearly starved! God punish that engineer who discovered Fuel level indicator!"
"After so much hard work in the scorching sun, if I over eat a bit, they yell mileage is less!! They take me to the mech-doctor and he screws me. It's so pathetic!"  Everyone gave an approving nod.
                Mr. Wagon. R. said, "I don’t know what's happening! May be due to the 'square meal' we are having these days, we resemble a cube!!"
                Tata N. 'Anna'.O  declared."Really, government should do something about the population rise. The food scarcity is on its all-time high. There is such a big line at food shops; we don’t even have fare price shops like our owners to get benefitted from. We should get 'reservation'. Those privileged diesel cars get high calorie food, are powerful and mighty, thus get adopted so easily. Let's raise our horns for it! We can go on an aamran anshan!'(Anyways we are starving!) Murmuring started as he had touched everyone's nerves.

To this Ritz added."Yaad aaya! Did you hear about Mr. Om N.I ! It is doing illegal dhanda! He has switched to LPG fuel as government subsidizes it. I can't imagine how people keep explosives inside their house. There's a constant danger of raids as well as explosions. Some even use kerosene adulterated fuels. O Lord! Save them!"
Sant R O preached, "It is all moh maya! Switch to jadi booti! Use bio-fuels like Jathropa etc. That will lead to salvation."
M. Swift blurted, "If only China produced petrol also! The cheap fuel would have been like a medicine on our wounds".

From the backdrop, a car voiced,'' I don’t know what our Car rights commission is doing. Every person on earth gets a day off in a week.
 Few blessed ones even get twice. But we are overburdened round the clock each day. Why can't our owners stop churning our wheels at least for a day and go green by using some eco-friendly options!
 Why can't they, for a day, burn their calories using cycles instead of burning the precious fuel."

  I was full of retrospection hearing the cry of the cars…The next moment, I got my cycle out of the garage and pledged to cycle to ease my pocket, body and most importantly: my soul.
Go Green……..Published in the interest of common man by the association of cars J


  1. awsome!i really lykd d trick wid words "due to d square meal... resemble a cube" and above al d skilful way u put forward d present problem alongwith a practical solution... really hats off! keep it up...

  2. I'm not aware if you like Satire. This post was adorned with it. Beautifully treated. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

    Please keep the words flowing.

    PS: A word of appreciation is also in order for the sketches. :-)


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