Saturday, December 17, 2011


Is it the last day to pay the bills!! It is already midnight and tomorrow is final submission of assignment! You want me to go to the flour mill! But there’s lot of wheat flour with us to manage for another three days, let’s finish it first! Getting up early! What does that mean?  I am already late for work, but just one more work remaining to be done. And the most usual phrase- It has 2 bars left! Let me use my mobile for some time more before I plug it for charging.
         Such people are usually termed as LAZY! But according to me it’s a very biased way of analysing the trait of character of a person. I, who have shown such traits right from my childhood and continue to do so, have some points in favour of our flock.
        First point I put forward is that we are not lazy, but we like to get fullest of everything! We like to exploit the resources, squeeze it as much as we can. We anyways have to charge the mobile, why not use it till it’s nearly discharged and charge it at once altogether. If this is followed daily, you have to get parted from your cell for lesser time than in the earlier case. Postponing a job is not cancelling it altogether. It’s just like keeping the ice cream aside till you finish off your pudding. This time which you get can be utilized in doing some other work.
        Secondly, in this world full of monotonous unadventurous activities, it adds a thrill to our life. You have to do a job, you accomplish it-It’s over. Nothing’s left. But if you keep the same task till the deadline, it adds thrill to your life. Standing in the line to pay the bill with 10 people in front before half an hour of its closure is not a child’s play. Completing the assignment just minutes before submission gives the much needed adrenaline flow, adding adventure to your life.
        Third point is that when a job is done at the eleventh hour, it takes far lesser time than in usual routine. It can be said (even statistically proven by our cult) that the nearer we are to the deadline, more is the efficiency and time taken is less. In the nick of time, our mind is vigilant, muscles are agile and we are ready to complete the task whatever it might take.
Fourth and the most important point- It takes guts to be lazy! It tests the risk taking ability of a person. An ordinary person can’t handle the pressure surmounted while performing a job at the last moment. But we, the so called lazy people are well adept at handling it due to the armour of complacence with our maximum efficiency at critical conditions. As I mentioned earlier we want to get the fullest of everything, how can it be any different when it comes to dealing with ourselves … what you think!! J

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