Friday, September 22, 2017


                                                     WHAT PEGMAN SAW: FICTION PROMPT

This week, we had the liberty to choose any location/photo of St Petersburg, Russia. I was randomly dropping my pegman on the map. On the second try, i knew i would write on this location, i fell in love with it. So here we go....

Yusupov gardens, St Petersburg



Donning Sarah’s over fitting long boots, a new snow-white jacket, little Nidhi sprang and spiraled through the expanse of snow. Just like a dream the roads were suddenly full of snow when she woke up in the morning. When she took her first step in snow, her legs were jammed in snow and she fell face down. She even skid some distance unable to balance herself. But now she had mastered the skill.

“Appa, look! I will make a big flower now..…. The biggest ever made on snow”, she exclaimed. Her face beamed like the snow. At one point she almost camouflaged and disappeared.

“Really? 40°C at this time of year! Unbelievable!” said Ian.

 “In Chennai we have two seasons-hot and hotter”, Srinivas chuckled.

“And it’s her first time in snow?”

“It’s my first in 30 years!!”, exclaimed Srinivas.

He was glad Nidhi didn’t have to wait that long……

PS: I felt snow for the first time when i was in 4th i think. And it was the first time for my parents as well. And in total i have been in snow only twice. In some way, I can relate to Nidhi when i think of it :)

This story is a part of the What pegman saw, a weekly fiction challenge. We need to write a story–150 words or less–based upon our own street view tour, using the location link provided.  You can check out the other entries here.


  1. Ritika,
    I see that kind of excitement here in Malaysian students who have never seen before. It's fun. I'm actually going to be in St. Petersburg next month and my hotel is only a 7-minute walk from the park in your picture. I should go there if I get a chance. :)
    - David (Green-Walled Tower)

    1. Thats a great coincidence. :D Do visit... let see if i get a chance myself to visit :)


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