Thursday, February 17, 2011


My eyes and my mind were wandering about in a quest for a topic to write on when they got a glimpse of a photo of a lamp in a calendar hanging on my room’s wall. I gazed it for a minute or so and words started pouring into my mind. But the thoughts were curbed for a jiffy because it was an object on which most of the people had already written. But there is always a new dimension to look at everything. In this article, I will try to do the same.
                                                As I am looking at the picture, I observe that the flame of the lamp is flamboyant. But this reminds me that that ironically, the word flamboyant gets its meaning from the flame. It is full of life. It can be pleasant when it is cold, violent when set free to destroy; it can illuminate as well as obliterate. It is considered constituent of all the life forms present and at the same time, it is the culprit that sublimes life into ashes and sets the soul free.
                                    Flame is full of irony. It is blistering hot at its kernel, which ironically has blue color that symbolizes tranquility. But to some extent it’s the most suited color also. As when wind flows and tries to smother the flame even though the outer part quivers, the core is placid. It burns itself and illuminates the whole world. It attracts the insects towards it assuring a place void of light, but cause their intense death.
                                    And when the fuel ends, the flame gets dim, and finally dies…


  1. This is very well written ! You write so well ! :)
    I liked it, and would honestly like to read some more, short and sweet !

    keep it up ! :)

    - Aman

  2. Didn't know there was a Writer in you in addition to an Artist.

    Keep them coming!!


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