Friday, April 12, 2013….it.???

I just killed a cockroach in my bathroom…Why did I do that?? Was it going to harm me, I don't think so... why did I kill it? May be because it was weaker than me and I could kill it. It has been a convention that mighty crushes weaker beings, rich suck the life out the poor and those ones without voice.
Once in a jungle safari, we encountered tiger chasing deer. The tiger was successful to pounce on his appetite. But we couldn't bear the painful groaning of the deer struggling between life and death. When it moaned its last sigh, my friend exclaimed," it is so unjust. Why does the deer have to die to satiate the hunger of someone?" The first thing that came in my mind was, "That is the rule of nature!" But before I could utter it out, I went into retrospection. There are numerous instances when we are donning the mask of the 'tiger' pouncing on preys...
If it's just on the part of tiger, is it on ours??
Is it just to pluck leaves just to kill time?
Is it right to exploit nature, to waste gallons of water while thousands die of thirst?
Is it just to waste or rather over exploit resources just because we can...
      Getting back to my senses, I replied, "Tiger stops hunting when his stomach is full." ...Over-eating is manmade not natural......!!!!!

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  1. That is correct... A tiger and in fact any wild animal will leave the place once they are full...always in care of mother nature...but we humans, we feel that mother nature is just to serve us and we can exploit it anyways. But Nature heals herself if we give the time to heal... But we are too hungry and too insensitive... :(


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