Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today, we live in a world where people continue to follow a never ending, vicious, monotonous routine, inhaling polluted air, choking their hearts to such an extent that no human emotions can penetrate into them; engulfing themselves in the viscous self centric fluid which always opposes humanity, creates friction so intense that love cannot thrive. We live in a place where drops of friendliness are so scanty that even the closest people have a rift separating them. We have tainted our land to such an extent that the relation of humans with mother earth has gone astray. Our mind is full of non bio degradable vengeance and negativity which can neither be disposed nor recycled to make it useful. The bad habits, wrong attitude are getting immune to any type of pesticide used against them. People have so much green money that they don’t care about the greenery of their surroundings. Whatever environmental effects must have caused global warming but according to me, it’s the animosity, retribution, repugnance etc etc(the list of words will never end) which pollutes the human minds and makes the situation sweltering.
Thus, in addition to conserving our ecosystem, we should also give impetus to purifying our minds because it is rightly said” bura jo dekhan mai chalaa, bura na miliya koi. Jo dil dhoonda aapna , mujhse bura na koi”.  



  1. nice.....
    but y r d invertd commas closin always????

  2. uuhhhhhhhh......you want me to do philosophy on tht also!!!! if not let it be...


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