Saturday, February 12, 2011


Autumn…a beautiful season. The season of love; love for nature, when you observe its beauty, its minute details, its vast aura, its golden hue, and the soothing breeze. Some may call it arid, blatant and  lifeless. But for me, it is hope of new life, new beginning, a start.
                                                Golden, ochre colored leaf, gets parted from the tree, bidding it a good bye, as its life has come to an end, the leaf, which has devoted whole life to nourish its family, the tree. It has burned itself under the scorching sun to earn food for its family. It has endured the harsh chill of the night and woke up with dew drops as a mark of perseverance. But those drops of dews have evaporated as soon as the first ray of hope marking the beginning of new day touched the leaf. It has rejuvenated at  the thought of a new day and got vivacious flinging seven colors in the form of a rainbow. This cycle has continued  till the day when that leaf falls. Its life has ended, even then it has golden radiance because its fall has paved way for a new leaf to evolve, a new life to blossom.
                When it swirls down, it delightfully sways with the breeze, shimmers blissfully and join its golden friends on the ground. And its shining comrades give it a round of applause for its achievement till now as the wind flows and a rustling sound is made by them. 


  1. it was a quest for life
    and I fell dead,
    said a leaf !
    but you,
    found that joy which I had
    in dying for 'MY LIFE'


  2. Beautifully written about the wonderful feels of autumn :)

  3. thanks for the comment....:)
    By horizon to conquer...;)


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