Saturday, July 30, 2011


                    Don't talk to strangers! Don't take anything from them! Be aware! The whole world is in a quest to cheat! Help others! But beware of rogue wearing the mask of humility! Friends can't be trusted. In today's time, even relations are not to be relied on! How can you trust your partner after watching 'emotional atyachaar'! World wants to take advantage. Always see to it that you are the one to snatch everything before others get the chance. No one can be trusted in this world full of crime, news flashes of forgery, betrayal, and conspiracy. In a nutshell, a world which we perceive is full of disbelief!                              
                But is our world such bad!
 Has gentleman become extinct in our so-called 21st century??
 Every grey cloud has a silver lining.
I came across few silver linings in my life these days.

How many times it happens in our life that somebody does good to us and instead of thanking him, we keep wondering what personal gain he might get from it!! Recently I got a call from an unknown number inquiring about my father who was his neighbor when he was a kid. Talking after gap of years, as they both were refreshing their childhood memories, my mother commented, "Suddenly after so many years!...Jaroor kuch kaam hoga papa se! " She didn't have any personal grudges with that neighbor. But it was a natural thought for an inhabitant of this untrustworthy world. When the telephonic conversation ended, my dad revealed that his friend had gone through various directories, mutual friends and internet to get this number (My dad has a transferable job, adding to the complexities) and had just called to inquire about the well-being of his pal.

   I had to take an auto to get back home from college. With the general public view about meter tapering, charging extra money etc. , I and my friend went up to the auto stand clumsily thinking the ways not to get cheated by the shrewd auto drivers. We got to one auto and started enquiring about availability and tariff.  At the backdrop, we could hear people shouting, "Ma'am, auto. yahaan….ma'am!" I was getting irritated. Suddenly, one of the person from the background stood in front of us, and instructed, 'Come to that auto!' I was angry and was going to blast on him for so much persuasion just to gain profit when he smiled at my friend and asked 'Pehachaana nahi kya mujhe? '. She stared at him for a second or two, and then smiled back and exclaimed, 'Oh aap!'Actually that driver used to drop her to the school regularly from 5-7 class. I asked the driver how he could recognize after so many years when her face and personality had changed so much! To this he smiled and answered, 'Humaari bachi hai ye….aise kaise bhool jaayenge ise!' When we finally reached our stop, he was not even ready to take money from us saying,' how can I take money from you'. We had to force money into his hands. It filled me with remorse; the person I supposed was money-mined was so good at heart.
I agree that media is doing a very good job of making people aware of the deplorable happenings, but there should be mention of such silver linings also to instill hope, positivity and enthusiasm in people for a better tomorrow.

All pictures and thoughts are out of the Author's creative mind.. Copying without due credit to the author will add to the disbelief prevalent in this world. Serve humanity. :)


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