Thursday, July 7, 2011

Utilization of India's treasure:

 India has recently rediscovered its age old wealth in the Padmanabswamy temple in Kerala. Amidst the bustle regarding the source of the treasure being tax, wealth of the king or common man's 'dana', another important question has come into picture regarding its usage.  Being worth 1 lakh crore, it can improve the condition of Kerala as well as our nation. It can be auctioned off providing many times more money than accounted. It can be preserved in a museum as a national heritage.
                Whatever decision is taken by SC and temple trust, it should be considered that it's a heritage that has been preserved by the trust and travancore kings for more than 150 years and should be kept so for generations to come. Moreover it has been found in temple, thus increasing its sacred value.
                Instead of auctioning the priceless treasure, money equivalent to the evaluated worth of the treasure should be printed by RBI and this money should be invested in improving infrastructure, providing aids to farmers and thus for the betterment of society.The growth and development thus caused can be offered to the God to show gratitude. The treasure should be kept in a museum so that India can preserve as well as patronize its heritage.
 Considering the religious ethics, all religions support dana for those in need.  The wealth can be considered as a gift from God almighty to the nation suffering from deficits, inflation and lack of funds. Thus it should be used for the betterment of the nation in a way that our heritage is preserved. Even God almighty and benevolent souls of travancore kings will fell happy to find the wealth accumulated for the betterment of praja is utilized for the people's development.

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