Sunday, July 10, 2011


 It was really cold that morning. She took her daily route through the college. Chill breeze was flowing incessantly. While driving her two wheeler rashly, she suddenly realized that it was spring whole year had gone with the wind…all the small, precious moments of her life, just like the tiny granules of sand of an hour glass, were gone, were lumped up in a glass chamber from where they could not return. As life progressed, more and more sand got heaped up and the memory of the past got obscured. Only few granules were fortunate enough to trickle down the heap to a place from where it could always be viewed through the transparent glass however old one may grow. They are the memories one always remembers as if they just took place yesterday. One whole semester was over and she thought she wasted it. Then she closed her eyes for a fraction of second and glimpses of her past appeared. Even though she had not utilized every moment to the fullest, hadn't outperformed in anything, but she realized that she actually enjoyed doing nothing. Night outs with friends, class bunks, 11th hour group studies; painting, making nail arts, reading novels during lecture; dandiya, garbha, singing  in the weirdest tones ; remembering all these things, a smile automatically lit up her face. She felt light. It is said that when you are happy, the whole world appears beautiful. She started to notice minute things around her. Golden Leaves were swirling down to her. As she sped forward, leaves scattered on the road, dispersed, apparently looking as if they had paved way for her. All the trees seemed to rhythmically sway from one side to another. Even the cold breeze was nice. She realized that she had a whole year to look forward to, rather than thinking what she had lost.
(Written on 1.01.11 but didnt reach the blog...posting it today.......)

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